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Looking Glass

Light and Mirror works
Encouraging interaction and self-reflection.

The Broken You


A 6’x6’’ installation of moving light and broken mirror. From far away you see the dance of light between the cracks, but only when you get close are you surprised by yourself.


I was inspired after I accidentally dropped a large mirror. Watching it shatter, I was reminded of the story of Zen master Chiyono. She was looking into a bucket of water appreciating the moon’s reflection when the bottom fell out and the water rushed out. In this moment of emptiness she found enlightenment.

From the shards of mirror I wanted to recreate the experience of breaking. Now when one sees themselves as disparate parts, they can reflect on past traumas and what still holds them together.


The River

Water is the most precious substance on this Earth, and we are reckless with it. We expect the rain to come, bring life, and wash away pain. They always do, but we must take care of them in return.




We were created by this Earth so it may perceive itself. We are the hand of God. With every reflection and every action, you create reality. Creation cannot happen without something to observe it.

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