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Infinity Pod

A personal infinity room for self-reflection and seeing beyond.

Infinity Pod perspective



After much time contemplating our impact on the natural world in the Burning Light series, I wanted to find a way to explore this beautiful city and it's inhabitants. The sharp lights at the apexes of the mirrors trace shapes of skylines, traffic, and the rush of 20 million people living side by side. Simultaneously intense and open, this experience gives the participant three choices: You can stare at the lights and the vibrant energy, you can look at yourself a thousand different ways, or you can stare past both and seek the emptiness.

What makes us so brilliant and beautiful, eager to replicate ourselves ad infinitum, and so destructive through the process?

installed a camera to let people take photos as they encounter themselves, and so they could enjoy the experience and not take selfies immediately.

About 500 of the entrants wanted to mark their reflection for that moment in time. They are all in this photo album.

Radiant Space Infinity Pod Album

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