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Coyote Sarkin

About the Artist

I create work to poke at the human condition, celebrate the earth, and draw attention to the damage we cause. We are funny animals, always covered, shy and isolated from the world around us. My work gives perspective from the animal, showing the deep roots of our nonsensical actions so we can learn to act ethically. I believe in connecting deeply with nature and each other, so my art demonstrates joy and the beauty of life. I use mostly recycled and natural materials, because I'm trying to treat this Earth better. I believe it is our responsibility to honor the cycles of this planet and not treat anything as disposable. This is the age of misinformation and fake news, but in trusting our hearts and the bounty offered by the world, we can learn to live honorably. It is each person's individual responsibility to become a caretaker of themselves, of their loved ones, and of this earth.

With this mission I'm currently working on a project that has spanned the Rocky Mountains and the West Coast in exploring the tragedy of Wildfire. Last year I spent two months interviewing locals impacted by the East Troublesome Fire in Grand Lake, CO. Then I shot a dance film in the burnt sections of the Angeles National Forest. Now I'm writing music and building sculptures to amalgamate the disparate elements. 


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